Ashwin Alexander

Residing in New York City, Ashwin is a songwriter, guitarist, singer, producer, and engineer.


I am available for freelance work for the following:

Production - You have a song, an arrangement, or a demo, and you want to turn it into a full recording. This is recording a song from beginning to end. Whether you are a solo artist or a band, I can help with this. I will fill out the instrumentation and arrangement for your song(s), add textures where needed, and develop the overall sound of the track.

Mixing - You have raw instrument and vocal tracks, and you need them to sound good individually and all together. Mixing ensures that each track is given its appropriate place in the mix, resulting in a finished recording that makes you want to listen over and over, except for the final step…

Mastering - Once you have a finished mix, mastering ensures that the track is sufficiently loud, the overall EQ and stereo image are balanced. If mastering multiple tracks, I also ensure that the tracks have a consistent volume.

I am interested in working with solo songwriters as well as bands, from acoustic folk to heavy rock and alternative. I work out of my home studio but can also do tracking at a studio of your choice.


Rates/Contact Info

Rates can be hourly or all-inclusive depending on the task.

Please email for inquiries.